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I have also been an adjunct professor at William Paterson University for the past 26 years where I teach acoustic and electric bass. I acquaint the students with the repertoire that they will need to know in the jazz tradition such as classic standards, bebop, latin and more progressive styles. Being a jazz bassist requires one to have a knowledge of a wide range of musical styles in order to be successful. My goal is to help my students to be able to compete on a professional level.

"I had the distinct honor to study under the great Marcus McLaurine for two years of private lessons.  Marcus is what they call an 'unsung hero' of music. Not only did I learn bow technique, posture, rhythm, harmony and 'be-bop lines',  I learned about meditation, breathing, becoming disciplined and the importance of being on time.  I am indebted to Prof. McLaurine for all he taught and hold him in my highest esteem."  

Rob Duguay


“Marcus Mclaurine was and will always be my most impactful bass instructor in my musical career. Through the years of studying under him at William Paterson University, I gained knowledge beyond just the notes. Marcus taught me how to become a professional musician in a competitive New York City market. He extended himself by putting me personally on his gigs. That experience allowed me to gain a high level of confidence which has lead me to the bassist that I am today”

Jacob Webb- Bassist 


"I was blessed to have studied with Marcus when I was completing my masters in jazz studies at William Paterson. During that time, Marcus went above and beyond the role of bass teacher and truly became a mentor to me. Besides helping learn essential skills on bass accompaniment and jazz improvisation, he gave me a great example of what it means to be a dedicated professional musician and educator. I am also forever grateful to Marcus for providing me performance opportunities on gigs and sharing his experiences playing for the great Clark Terry. Thank you Marcus!"

Nick Morrison- Bassist 

"My time studying with Marcus at William Paterson University gave me that sense of connection and mentorship which defines Jazz music. There was much less said or discussed than in my other lessons. Marcus would ask if I knew a certain tune, and if I did not know it he would begin to teach the melody by ear. As soon as I internalized it we would play duets and transpose the song in all 12 keys. I learned many songs during my formal music education, but the ones that Marcus taught me in this fashion have remained in my repertoire over a decade later and throughout professional experiences."

Adam Lomeo, Guitar

"Marcus was honestly one of the best teachers I've had the privilege of studying with. His love for teaching and music was evident in every lesson. He's not just a fantastic jazz musician but also a dedicated jazz educator, and his attention to detail when teaching jazz was exceptional. He not only imparts music knowledge but also instills a sense of humility in his students. His inner strength and passion are apparent to students, leaving a profound impact. I continue to carry his teachings with me in my current practice, and I feel truly fortunate and honored to have had the opportunity to study with him."  

Seungyoung Hong"


Marcus is the kind of teacher who facilitates in the evolution of a student's sense of self, which is truly a great gift."

Nalani Clisset

I am also available for private lessons and can be reached at

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