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Some notes on my compositions:

The song "Destiny" is a song that I wrote for my two children Malik and Mizuki. The song is of an introspective nature that speaks of the feelings of joy they bring me. "Ivar' is a composition I wrote for my godson Ravi. "Ivar" is Ravi inverted. The song is a happy samba feel that really reflects the happy spirit of Ravi. Ravi's father is my longtime friend Clifford Adams, who is an excellent jazz trombonist.







The last two compositions I co-wrote for Kool and The Gang. Trust me - Still Kool and 

Christmas time is here - Kool for the Holidays

I am also involved with other groups that have put out recordings. Lines of Reason is a group that I have been involved with for several years. Lines of Reason has just released a CD Called " Comfort Zone." Another group I am involved with is Native Soul with a CD due out in Febuary.

I have also been involved with songwriting for several years and really enjoy writing contemporary compositions because of my early involvement in that genre. I am hoping to pursue this aspect of my career more vigorously.

Blues for JG
Comfort Zone
Ivar (second arr)
Lullaby of the Heart
For Days
You're My Father
Trust Me
Christmas Time Is Here (Bonus Track)
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